Services of HAYTech

In addition to high technical software development capability،HAYTech is also your advisor to perform needs assessment projects in order to realistically predict project dimensions as well as synchronization between different components of the organization so as to provide a more detailed picture related to project future.

Consultancy Services

Diversified services From projects (FS)Feasibility Study, RFP and Business Plan,to Agile Project management, can be conducted by HAYTech

Data mining and Analysis

Our data mining department is willing to serve you in complicated financial and business data analysis beside ability to make multidimensional charts and dashboards on your live/stored data.

Software Developement

HAYTech covers all your high-tech needs of web-based projects including,Web app (front-end as well as back-end), APIs, etc to make better integration all along with mastering the micro service architecture

History of HAYTech

HAYTech was founded in 2016 with the aim of software development in the field of payment, banking, insurance & stock exchange (bourse). HAYTech achieved several successes in beginning with focusing on the production of banking core supplementary system & also complementary payment switch while interacting with different reputable organizations.

In 2018, after fundamental changes in company management and structure, extensive progress was made in technical fields

  • Standardization of the development process based on SPL approach
  • Integration of manufacturing systems with other systems in the web and mobile domains
  • Increasing product security standards
  • Establishing support department to enhance quality customer service
  • Establishing of data mining unit
  • Expanding Market domains

Integrated Products


Comprehensive banking software easily resolves All your banking concerns


you can receive your personalized banking software using the same bank account


Insurehub is the first and only online insurance issuance api platform in Iran based on open-insurance approach


BASIR is a system for authentication & validation of customer information and credential indicators
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